Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Getting A Little EGGY!

With Easter on its way, third grade is getting a bit EGGY! We are going to study all about eggs, here's what we are doing:

Day 1:
-Discussion Questions: "What can you do with a dozen eggs?" "What is your favorite way to eat an egg?" (make a graph!) "What animals are hatched from eggs?"
-Read the book The Golden Egg Book. Fold a paper in half, then fold the bottom half again, and draw an egg over the fold. Then let the students choose an animal to draw and have "hatch" from their egg.

Day 2:
-Motion experiments: Today we roll the eggs! The students will create ramps on which to to roll the eggs. Students will measure how far the eggs roll and the impact of the different ramps.

Day 3:
-Today we compare weights of eggs with cubes, scissors, crayons, and colored chips. We will compare both hard boiled and non-hard boiled eggs.

Day 4:
-EGG DROP DAY! Students have created contraptions to protect their eggs. They have been working hard on their inventions at home and today is the day to test them out! We will take them outside and drop them from the top of a ladder. Each egg will be dropped and then the student will check to see if their egg protection worked or not. This project is definitely a student favorite!

Day 5:
-Time to dye some eggs! So that the eggs do not start to stink up our classroom, we blow them out. Each student makes a tiny hole on each end of their egg and blow out the insides. They think it is awesome and gross at the same time! Then, we dye them and they get to take them home. If they are careful, they can last forever!

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