Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It Comes Every Four Years

Today only comes around every four years. Here's a little history about Leap Year. Basically, we have Leap Year to make up for our calendar year error. Each year is actually 365 days and 6 hours. To make up for that "extra", every four years a day is added to February.

The following is the Leap Day Challenges given to my students:

Find it here!

Taking Probability Into Our Own Hands

After studying probability and figuring out the mystery spinners, we were ready to make our own spinners and test them out! Students were given a blank spinner and were able to use any colors they wanted to make it their own.

Student then traded their spinners with a classmate and answered the following questions:
1. What are the possible outcomes of the spinner? _________________
2. What outcomes are most likely? ________________________
3. What outcomes are least likely? ________________________
4. Make a table & test the spinner with 20 spins. Record the outcomes

Monday, February 27, 2012

Assessment Kick-Off


Today was our State Assessment Kick-Off Assembly! The students watched as the Gardner Edgerton Blazer Football Team show us some moves and got us pumped up for the tests.

Ms. Fretz & Mrs. Dwyer put in a lot of hard work to make this assembly a success and get our kids pumped up to TACKLE THE TEST!

We even got to watch the Blazer Cheerleaders perform one of their great routines!

Next, some of the non-testing teachers and specialists showed us their test-tackling and cheerleading moves!


Friday, February 24, 2012

Thing 1, Thing 2 in Third Grade

We got messy today in Art! Hands were painted and pressed, then Thing 1 and Thing 2 showed up!

Next, we will think about what might happen if Thing 1 and Thing 2 came to our homes!

If I Were President...

After reading If I Were President with class, students wrote in their journals how they would change the world for the better. It was interesting to read their ideas on how the world could improve.

These are some of our wishes to change the world:

  • If I could change the the world, I would change the malls into parks so that we could play all the time. I would make more football stadiums so that the football players do not have to travel a lot.

  • I would not change anything about the world. I like the world how it is. I like everything about it except the prices. I wish the prices were lower.

  • To make this world a better place, I would not little at all. I would not call people names either. I would tell people not to hit or not to be mean.

  • I would change the world by having a machine that would pick up trash. I would pick up trash. I would grow plants and trees.

  • If I were President, I would make a law that there would not be any pollution. There will be more trash cans where you are. So the Earth would be pollution free!

  • I would paint the world so it is more colorful. Then the would would not be all the same. It would be more playful and more fun. There would be lots of love and not smacking and no drinking bad drinks so the would is not bad.

  • I would lower tax movey because we pay a lot of money. And we can't live like that, but we need a reason to pay so much money.

  • If I were President, I would send a note to the people who make laws. It would be about smoking and drugs that are really bad. You do not want loved ones to die by smoking or drugs. If I got a veto, then I would keep sending it until they accept.

  • I would teach kids to do cursive. I would clean the world to be spotless. I would tell poepl no weapons.

  • If I could change the world, I would make sure that there is no smoking or drinking. Because poepl do die because of it. It is very sad because it is there fault that they died. They need our help.

  • I will feed that school healthy food. So the students can be healthy. And to be strong. I would have people treat each other nice.

  • If I could change the world, I would help peace and no war. I would make a law that if anyone gets caught trying to kill, they will be executed. I would also make a law for no smoking.

  • If I chould change the world, I would not. I would only change one thing, no fighting. Other than that, the world is fine.

I love seeing the world through the eyes of a 3rd Grader :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mystery Spinners

Today we got a little mysterious with our spinners!

The students broke into small groups and were given a spinner. Each group had a different spinner and had to keep it a secret from the other groups. The students predicted the outcomes of their spinners before they were given the fancy spinner tool (i.e., paperclips).

After recording 30 spins, the students created a graph of their spins:

The graphs were posted on our whiteboard for the students to study. As a class, we discussed which spinners belonged to which graphs. The students made great connections and explained how they knew which outcomes were possible, most likely, least likely, and impossible.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Spirit Days: Training Day

Today was Training Day within our spirit week leading up to Kansas State Assessments. We decided to amp up the training/sweats theme with a little rockin' 80's flair!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tim Tebow Reads "Green Eggs & Ham"

Today, we had the pleasure of listening to NFL Broncos Player Tim Tebow read Green Eggs & Ham.


The kiddos really enjoyed listening to the book and it helped kick off our Dr. Seuss obSEUSSion until the first week of March. After listening to Tim Tebow read, we discussed things we do and do not like too eat. Everyone shared their opinions on food choices.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

After having cupcake & cookie parties for many years, the third grade team at Moonlight decided to reinvent our Valentine Party. We have it in the morning right when the kiddos get to school. It is a breakfast party, with pancakes, bacon, fruit, muffins, milk, and juice! The students absolutely LOVE it! Who wouldn't want to have breakfast in the classroom!

The students made Valentine cans this year so hold all their classmates' Valentines. We also played Valentine Minute to Win It in which the students had 60 seconds to complete their challenge. It was so fun watching them do this!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Geometry, Shapes, & Polygons

We can see shapes all around us! Everywhere we go, we are surrounded by shapes. Today, we learned a bit more about the shapes we see. We also learned some tricks to remembering each shape. Here's a little bit about each shape:

After learning about each shape, we played a game called "The Last Block". With a partner, students used polygons to fill a large hexagon. Each time a partner set down a shape, they were to name it. The partner to place the last polygon was the winner, but the students also work together to fill the shape.