Monday, November 26, 2012

Talking Snowmen

We are gearing up for Starville, our economics unit's culminating mini-Society, next Friday, December 7th. Today production began for products to be sold at Starville. Our class made Talking Snowmen today!

What you need: cardstock with templates drawn, clothespins, pipe cleaners, markers, scissors, and a hot glue gun

Here are the templates for the students to decorate, each students gets one head and one hat

May use any color for hat decoration, must cover entire hat with no white showing; Head needs two eyes (positioned low enough so hat can be glued on) and a dot smile. Pipe cleaners twirled around a sharpened pencil make perfect noses!

 Hot glue the pipe cleaner noses on and (teacher) cut across for mouth opening; hot glue each piece onto clothes pin opening

 See? The Snowman can talk!

Plan a Thanksgiving Feast

Today, our class planned a Thanksgiving Feast. Yes...we are a little late, but those two days last week just didn't allow time for a planned feast.

I had the circulars from last week for my students to plan and choose from. We talked about looking for the best deal and how $0.88/pound turkey does not mean a whole turkey is $0.88. They need to think how big of a turkey they would like to have to serve.  The students really got into looking through the ads and creating their budget. They also cut out what they wanted to serve and created a poster.

(sorry for the photo quality, iPhone pics)