Monday, December 17, 2012

Can You Find Our Lost Snowmen?

I saw this awesome idea on Lauren's blog Just Add Clipart and knew I had to do with with my 3rd grade kiddos!

My students were given a snowman outline and the freedom to decorate them however they would like. I told them they could do a traditional snowman or think outside the box. I LOVE seeing how creative my students can get. They used both markers and construction paper. No two of them look the same!

 After they created their snowman, they were given the "Lost" page, where they gave clues about the snowman they had made. They provided four of these clues. I put them up on our bulletin board after school, I'm excited to see they try to find each others' snowmen based on the clues. Most of them hid their snowmen from one another while they were creating, as to keep them a secret!

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