Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cursive Handwriting Check

My 3rd graders "graduated" from their Cursive Handwriting book the first week in January. Since then, I have been writing (almost) everything in cursive. I have found that they are able to write in cursive, but it is hard for them to read the cursive. This is especially true since everyone has a bit different cursive style (it is handwriting, afterall!).

Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences are coming up and I want my students to have a product to show their parents about cursive. I found this idea for Kindergarteners to practice writing with using their classmates as "things" to write about. I decided to amp it up a bit and have my students use the same format, but to write the names in cursive. They LOVED it! It was fun for them to write their friends' names.

I am excited to have parents see what their child has learned in cursive. Here are a few shots of them working on their writing.:

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