Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bare Book

Each year, every 3rd grader makes a Bare Book. The students' writing and photos from the school year are glued into the book. Their Bare Book is a sort of scrapbook of their year in third grade.

Students decorate a cover for their Bare Book & fill out an All About Me page:

One of the first things we do in August is an Investigating My Name sheet and a heart map where students write about things close to their hearts:
Next is the students' Insect Report and a nonfiction writing about Thanksgiving:

Students wrote about what they want to be when they grow up and we photographed each of them with a chalkboard and their dream on it:
Next is a Santa's Stuck and letter to Santa:
Each student wrote a descriptive writing about popping popcorn using their senses and a New Years resolution:

Then, the history of snowmen and our Snowmen pics:
Students wrote what they would be like if they were teachers (why kind of teachers they would be, what they would teach, what rules they would have, how their classroom would look) and an illustration:
 In November, students wrote about what change they would like to see in our country/world and illustration:
Students created a Meter of Memories where they write memories of third grade on a meter long piece of paper (that's the yellow sheet poking out of the blue pocket) & I glued in a poem from me, long with that will be a pic of me and the student for the inside back cover:

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