Friday, December 13, 2013

Starville: mini-society

Starville is a mini-society that third graders participate in each December. It is definitely one of the FAVORITE activities of third grade at my school. When the fourth graders see what Starville is happening, they ask their teachers if they can go back to third grade for the day!

To start, each student applies for a first and second choice job to work in Starville. Each student will work two jobs and we guarantee that they will get one of their two choices, but they might not get both of them. In the weeks leading up to Starville, the students participate in production activities to make crafts that will be sold at Starville. This year, we made pet rocks, duct tape flower pencils, salt-dough ornaments, talking snowmen (on clothespins), and tissue paper flowers.

On the day of Starville, the teachers transform the classrooms into mini stores and the students are given their jobs. Half the grade level works while the other shops, then they switch. There are four 'sessions' of Starville so everyone gets to shop twice. The students are paid $1.50 in plastic money to shop with, good thing most everything costs five to ten cents!

And here's the pictures:

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