Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Learning Our 50 States

In 4th grade, our students will be expected to learn all 50 states and their capitals. To get them started, we are introducing the states this spring.  One of the fun ways we are showing off the states is to collect postcards from (hopefully) all 50 states. We are not doing a normal postcard challenge with other schools, but simply asking family and friends to ask their out of state acquaintances to mail our class a postcard.

Here is the information I sent to my parents:

Hi Parents,
We will soon begin our study of the states in our wonderful nation. To add a little fun, we would like to receive postcards from all the states. This is where you come in! Please contact (call, email, facebook.etc.) any friends or family that live in other states and request a postcard. Below is an example request:
"Hi there! My child's 3rd grade class is studying the 50 states of our country. They would like to receive a postcard from each state. Please send a state-theme (e.g., Kansas postcard might have a sunflower, California might have a beach) postcard to our class. If you are able, please include a fact about your state on the postcard. Please mail the postcard to Moonlight Elementary, Attn: Mrs. Brown, ___________________. Thank you!"
I will update you with which states have come in and which we are still missing. Thank you so much for helping with this fun project!
Mrs. Brown
This email went out Monday and we are looking forward to receiving mail from around our nation. We have a map to color in the states we have received a postcard from. Hope to share positive results soon!

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