Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Solution vs. Mixture

As we are studying Matter (solids, liquids, & gases), we discussed solutions today. We started off by understanding the difference between a solution and a mixture. Our example for a mixture would be Chex Mix. It is a mixture because I can separate its contents. This is different than a solution that cannot be separated (think of sugar water: you cannot get just the sugar back out of the solution).

For our experiment to test solutions as well as our detective skills, I gave each student a cup of water and a baggie with a number on it (1-7). I did not tell the students what was in each bag, that was for them to discover! The students could feel and smell the powders, but no tasting. The powders were: koolaid, sugar, brown sugar, flour, powdered sugar strawberry nesquick, and salt.

After they investigated with they eyes, hands, and noses, they students poured their powders into their water cups. Each group used a fork (no spoons!) to mix the powder and water together. The students watched as the powders became part of the water and the water changed into a solution.

Each group visited all the cups and were able to investigate each solution available. Then, I revealed the answers to the class. They were so EXCITED to have guessed some of the right answers!

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