Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pinterest Over Summer Break

Now that we're into summer, I need to get some school creations made!

Here's my plan:
*I love this door decoration for the beginning of school! It's from The Cole Train blogger. I have a fish theme going on in my room so this works wonderfully!

*The Proud Wall: As a grade level have decided to make Proud Walls instead of having a Star of the Week. Each month we will have a prompt for which the students can bring in a photo or write-up depicting them. For example, August will be "What I did over summer break", December will be "My favorite holiday memory". It will help the students get to know one another and be a fun way to share!

*Multiplication Jenga: I will be scouring garage sales for a Jenga game! This would be a very fun way for students to practice their multiplication facts. I have also seen writing/conversation prompts written on the sides of Jenga pieces. That being said, one could have a different subject prompt on each side of the Jenga piece.

*Daily 5 Resources:
Pinned Image Pinned Image
Techy Teacher and F is For First Grade

One Extra Degree

*Election 2012: I'm excited to get materials and resources together for the upcoming election!
Pinned Image Welcome to Room 36!

*Student Journals: Our students have composition notebooks where they keep their quick-writes, brainstorming, writing tips, and robust vocabulary definitions. These are a couple fun ways to jazz up their notebooks:
Pinned Image Tape a large straw to the cover of notebook to hold pencil

Pinned Image What's the Buzz in First

*Writing Process Organization: Everyone starts out together in the writing process, but then moves forward individually. I like this quick view of knowing who is at what step in the process!
Pinned Image Sister Teachers

We'll see if I get these things done! Now, back to enjoying summer break!!

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  1. Hi Erin...thanks for following my blog! I love the idea of a proud wall. As soon as I saw it, I knew that was one idea I will be using in the fall. Thanks for sharing it.
    Happy Blogging!