Saturday, June 30, 2012

Encourage Summer Reading

Just because school is out doesn't mean reading stops!

Here are some ways to encourage your child to read over the summer:
  1. Take advantage of longer daylight hours and read your child’s bedtime story outside.
  2. Try some twists on your regular read-aloud program. Read only a portion of a story to your child. Stop before revealing the plot. Then have your child predict the outcome and read the remainder of the book.
  3. Set aside part of each day as “drop everything and read” time. They'll be practicing their reading, and you’ll be able to have some quiet time. Or, even better, you model for them good (quiet) reading skills.
  4. Plan a book swap party. Ask your child to invite four or five friends to your house. Admission: two used books that they enjoyed reading. Kids can swap their opinions about favorite books and then trade the books.
  5. Play word games when you’re riding in the car. Who can think of a word that rhymes with beauty? How many other words can you think of that start with the same sound as banana?
  6. Books Before Movies: Many popular children's books have become or are becoming movies. Before your child sees the movie, have them read the book version of the story. Then, discuss with them the similarities/differences and likes/dislikes.
  7. Bring on the technology! If you have a Nook, Kindle, iPad, etc., allow your child to read books on it. They will love the novelty of reading a book with no pages!
  8. Bring books to life! Have your child (with friends!) act out their favorite parts of a book they are reading. Go crazy with costumes and find an audience (friends, parents, siblings) to watch the drama unfold!
  9. Find a reading nook. Ask your child to find one place in your home that will be their private reading space. They can go there and read in peace, not to be bothered by others.
  10. Go to the local library! Most library branches have many fun activities centered on children's literature occurring over the summer.

Do you have any other tips to encourage children to read over the summer?

Follow this link to a suggested summer reading list!

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