Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Today, we started learning about capacity! We covered gallons, quarts, pints, and cups.

The way we remember this is about the Kingdom of Gallon:
In the Kingdom of Gallon, there are three Queens. Each Queen has one Prince and one Princess. Each Prince and Princess has two Crowns (one to wear and one to keep in case they lose one).

Space Backgrounds

The Readers' Theater we are reading this week is set in a spaceship exploring the solar system. Today, we worked on creating the backdrops for our readers' theaters.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Liquid Layers

In order to learn more about Matter (solids, liquids, & gases) and the differences between liquids (density), we did a Liquid Layers experiment. You need: water, vegetable oil, shampoo, and syrup, plus a few items for the sink/float portion of the experiment.

Using a clear container, I poured in water first. We discussed what happens when oil and water mix. Next, goes in the oil, which settles on top of the water. Unlike another liquid, say milk, when mixed with water, oil and water do not mix. I even stir the two liquids to try to create a solution, but it just doesn't happen.
Next, goes in the syrup! The syrup, like honey or molasses, is a heavy liquid and sinks to the bottom of the container. This part is a favorite of the students! It is crazy to watch the syrup move through the oil and water to get to the bottom. Lastly, the shampoo is added to the liquid layers. The shampoo settles in between the syrup and water.
After we have created our liquid layers, we move to the sink/float part of the experiment! I gathered some classroom materials: a paperclip, coin, pencil grip, plastic square, and a pencil. As a group, we talked about each item and predicted to which layer it would sink. The students LOVED predicting and seeing if they were correct.

Shaving Cream'd Desks!

Today we whipped out the shaving cream to clean our desks. The students LOVED it so much to get a little messy! Students practiced writing their names in cursive, writing our robust vocabulary words, and drawing math problems.

Field Day at Moonlight!

Field Day was a ball! We did so much!
The softball throw:

Relay Races:



Limbo Time:

Wii Dancing:

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Up in the Air! It's a... PLANET!

We have begun our study of our solar system and the students are loving learning facts about each planet. Our StoryTown lesson this week is focused on all 8 planets (sorry, Pluto!), so we are extending that nonfiction piece with some research.

The students were put in groups of two or three and drew a planet from a hat. I took Earth out of the running as we know so much about our planet already. The students filled out this information organizer as they read through their planet-specific books.

After discovering new and interesting facts about their assigned planets, they students worked on making a poster. I asked the student to imagine we all work for a solar system travel agency and they need to get visitors to come to their planet. They worked hard on creating advertisements to be displayed in the classroom.

We also made a 3-D version of our solar system, complete with asteroid belt! They had so much fun with all the research this week. I love how involved the students got in learning more about the solar system.