Monday, January 14, 2013

Reviewing Math Concepts

Use 'Witch Doctor' to review math! Find this a fun, cooperative lesson to review math concepts on my TpT site!

Before lesson begins, teacher needs to have a copy of the 'Witch Doctor' song by the Chipmunks. Students are paired up and move chairs so that one is facing the board and the other is not. Each pair needs one whiteboard & marker or paper to find answer.

Pairs walk around their two chairs in a circle while the music is being played. Once the music stops, they sit in whichever chair they are in front of. The person facing the board is the "patient" and other partner is the "doctor". The patient describes the problem they are having (the math problem!) and asks the doctor for help. The doctor cannot turn around the look at the board, they can only listen to what their patient tells them.

The doctor solves the problem as best as they can from the patient's description. After all the doctors have given their solutions, the teacher (head doctor) goes over the results with the group. The kids LOVE this activity!

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