Friday, June 21, 2013

New CCSS Standards for 3rd Grade Science

At the end of the school year, each of the elementary schools in our district had a representative get together to create a new grade card that aligns with the CCSS curriculum. We have had meetings for the last two years to help up learn more about math and reading CCSS. In my opinion, the Science curriculum is where most of the changes will be.

Keep: Forces & Motion, Investigations/Experiments, Impacts on the Environment

Out with: Matter, Sound, & Rocks

In with: Hazardous Weather, Animal/Plant Survival, Magnetic & Static Electricity

I have been Pinterest-ing and TpT-ing to find some resources for these new standards. I hope this help those 3rd grade teachers out there!

Hazardous Weather
Tornado in a Jar
How Does It Rain?
Make a Cloud Rain
Animal/Plant Survival
Self-Watering Seed Starters
Fossil Rock Song
TpT: Inherited Traits vs. Learned Traits
TpT: Four Types of Fossils

Magnetic Electricity
Magnetic & Non-Magnetic Sort
Magnetic Strength
Magnet Lab

Strong or Weak Magnets
Static Electricity
Static Electricity Activities
Static Electricity Discovery Tube

Static Electricity: Stationary Charges

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