Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Geometry: Polygons & Angles

Our next Math Expressions unit covers Polygons & Angles. To help the students "see" these more often, our third grade team taped down some polygons and angles to our carpets.

I use these in a couple ways:
  1. We have gone on "Right Angle Hunts" where we look carefully at each shape or angle to determine if there is a right angle. My students have also learned the geometry words acute and obtuse. They love sounding so smart using these grown up math words!
  2. I have also called on students or groups of students to "Find the ____" (trapezoid, rectangle, obtuse triangle, etc.). Once everyone is in their places, they have to discuss as a small group what makes their shape/angle unique and unlike the others in the room. Each group then gets to share about their shape/angle's attributes.

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