Friday, March 14, 2014

Leprechaun Madness - Lots of Pictures!

Today is an inservice/work time day for teachers and next week is Spring Break. That means any St. Patrick's Day celebrations had to be done this week instead of next!

We started out telling the students that last year a leprechaun reeked havoc on the third grade. He destroyed our classroom in his search for gold! This definitely got the students' attention. We designed traps to catch the leprechaun and had a STEM-related discussion about how they intended on catching the little rascal.

We set the traps on Wednesday evening, I locked our classroom door on the way out so that no one could mess with them. On Thursday morning, our classrooms were a disaster! We checked each trap, but the slippery little leprechaun escaped us again!
The clean up process begins...

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