Monday, July 2, 2012

Fourth of July Crafts

Holidays Equal Craft Time!

Here are some fun crafts to liven up your Fourth of July decorations:

Sponge Flag: Cut up a sponge to create this patriotic piece of art. All you need is white paper, a small blue rectangle, red & white paint, scissors, and glue. Simple way to jazz up any home!

Cupcake Liner Fireworks: Make your own fireworks! Materials needed are black background paper, white cupcake liners, markers to decorate fireworks, and glitter glue.

Fourth of July Wreath: Quick, easy, and provides a knot-tying practice for kiddos! Simply cut out the middle of a paper plate, cut 8-inch strips of red, white, and blue felt, then tie the felt around the paper plate wreath.

American Flag Placemat: This one is my favorite! You will need a piece of paper towel, some red, white and blue paper, a star paper punch, scissors, glue and contact paper. Follow directions to create a placemat on a paper towel, then cover with contact paper to make it durable!

And finish the Fourth of July Craft Day with Star Pizzas! Recipe found at

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