Friday, March 8, 2013

Studying Antarctic Animals

Our class just read Antarctic Ice and is now beginning our study of Antarctic animals. The students chose between the following animals: seal, shark, orca, blue whale, walrus, and penguin. Of these animals, the shark and penguin are the most popular.

The students have been using books and articles as a part of their research. The three areas they are looking for information in are Appearance, Habitat, and Interesting Facts. As we have done various types of research this year, the students were given the freedom to choose how to take their notes. Many students have used brainstorm webs to organize their thoughts, while others are taking notes in bullet points or just stream-writing their facts.

The next step is to transfer their research notes into rough drafts of a description nonfiction writing piece. We will be focusing on writing clear topic sentences.

As students finish their final drafts, they will have the opportunity to produce create projects about their Antarctic animals. Here is a list of the projects from which the students will choose.

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