Friday, April 5, 2013

Eggs, Eggs, Eggs

After reading What's Growing Inside This Egg?, we discussed what kinds of animals come from eggs. Not just chicks come from eggs! I loved this FREEBIE poem from Welcome to Room 36!

To go along with our Egg Experiments, I found these Scientific Method cards on Classroom Freebies.

This is my favorite Egg Experiment! I found it via Pinterest and was pumped to do it with my kids! It actually three experiments altogether: The Naked Egg, The Shrunken Egg, and The Exploding Egg.
Our Naked Egg:
 Our Shrunken Egg:

 Pre-Exploding Egg (back into water to "plump up"):
Exploded Egg: (popped like a water balloon)

We also completed The Average Egg experiment. Students tested their hard-boiled eggs in many ways: weight, circumference, rollability, appearance, and volume. We had discussed all of these topics before, except for volume. It was fun to see their reactions and predictions to a graduated cylinder. The students rotated around the room completing the experiment.

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