Saturday, April 13, 2013

Viscosity - Speed of Liquids

After learning about velocity and friction, we decided to tackle viscosity, the speed of a liquid. This was a new science vocabulary word for me this school year! The students were asked to predict which liquids would move the fastest and slowest.

We compared honey, milk, liquid glue, orange juice, paint, veggie oil, chocolate syrup, and ketchup. Most students predicted honey or ketchup to be the slowest and milk to be the quickest liquid. We placed each liquid in a circle and raised the paper to completely vertical to see which would move the fastest toward the "finish line". Four students helped to time the liquids, each was in charge of a certain liquid and had to report to the class its time.

Ketchup was definitely the slowest liquid, we gave it four minutes twice and eight minutes once and it only made it halfway down the track.. And orange juice was the fastest, we timed it at 1 second each time.

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