Sunday, April 7, 2013

Forces and Motion - Experiments

Now that my students understand Newton's 3 Laws of Motion, it's time to experiment! Here are two great experiments for motion:

Friction Lab
I found this experiment on TpT. Amanda Leiter's FREEBIE experiment asks students to measure how far toy cars travel as they move down ramps made of different materials. We created ramps from carpet, crinkled foil, wax paper, sand paper, and bubble wrap. Before we started the cars, each student predicted which material would have the least friction.The students started each car at the top of the ramps and measured how far the cars traveled from the ramps.


Action to Reaction

Up next, our Paper Airplane Experiment!


  1. Ummmm... what are we supposed to do?!

    1. Make a ramp and put a ruler aside it. See how far the car goes. I did this last year.