Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Organizing My Classroom Library

I am moving back into a full size classroom after teaching in a modular classroom for two years. Yay for room to move around! So I am working on organizing each part of my room so that I maximum space for my students.

Today I began to organize my classroom library! I headed to the store to get ice buckets for my books. I'm sure you have all seen that idea on Pinterest and I wanted to try it out. I started with just 14 buckets and know I will have to go back and get more now.

I had downloaded some cute fishie box labels from TpT and used them to create library labels for my library buckets. I labeled all the boxes I have and need more boxes and more labels now. I can't wait to see what the end product is going to be. My students will have a much easier time finding books in our classroom library and I hope it will stay organized all year long (fingers crossed!).

I have lots of books to go through, might have to have the store restock the ice buckets!


  1. Just a tip for your labeling... If you want to keep it organized, put a label on the books to correspond with the bucket they are in. Makes it much easier for kids to put books back. Even my first graders were able to keep the library organized all year long with this system. I used garage sale stickers and put a letter or initials, then put the same sticker on the corner of your ice box label. It's an extra step, but since your just getting started it wouldn't be too bad! Good luck, love the ice box idea!
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