Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Under the Sea Classroom Tour

Classroom Reveal Time!!

We will start in my favorite area, the library. My wonderful husband spent a couple hours helping me cut and staple the plastic tablecloth in the shape of waves. I love this so very much and it really ties the whole ocean theme together! Plus, each of my library book bins have an ocean label as well. I have too many books (not a problem at all for any teacher) to fit into the bins, but the collections are housed together.

Onto my desk area! Here is the view from my desk and the lantern fish that hang above me. Then a quick pic of my actual desk.

Writing Area: This area will be added to throughout the year. I will be doing mini-lessons about various writing activities and types of writing. Then, an example of that writing will be added to this bulletin board.
Hallway outside my classroom: My third graders are Swimming To Success!

 Front of the classroom, guided reading area, calendar area, & birthday fish bowls:

Bulletin Boards

Classroom Management:

Student Resources
Reading & Guided Reading

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