Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Meet the Teacher Night

Last night, the evening before school, Moonlight hosted Meet the Teacher Night (or Sneak Peek, as it is also called). Students bring in their supplies and I am able to meet them and their parents. It's a wonderful time to have the first interaction with students and teachers.

This is what the students' desks looked like before they came last night:
On their desks: Important Points for Parents (includes specials schedule, homework requirements, contact information, brief content explanation), Bare Book note (students make a scrapbook of their writings over the school year, read about it here), Third Grade brochure, where to put supplies, and the students' first h/w assignment (All About Me bag)

Signups for the parents: conferences, parent goals for their child, party signups, contact information, volunteer information, and classroom donations

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