Thursday, August 9, 2012

Here Come the Students!

Our school has "Meet the Teacher" night the night before school starts. I have also heard it called "Sneak Peek", which is an awfully cute name for it!

The students know who their teacher is, have seen their class list, are ready to preview their room, and drop off supplies. We as teachers, take this opportunity to get as much information from the parents as possible! I have all my sign-ups set out for this event: Contact Information, Party Sign-ups, Volunteer Sign-Ups, and Conference Sign-ups (October & February!). Plus, we have our Third Grade Brochure that includes lots of great information for parents.

Going with my FISH theme, I made wish list items on di-cut fish with the sign, "Swim over and make a donation to our classroom".

The students have a To-Do list on their desks that tells them where all their supplies goes, so they can go through it with their parents and I do not have to explain it to all 23 of them ;) I have also added a QR scan for parents' smart phones with a link to my contact information!

If they have completed their list, they can enjoy a treat. This year, I have made bags of goldfish with a celebratory "You are o'FISH'ally a 3rd grader now!" note attached.

Here's a peek at what I have already put in their desks!
Black Binder - with Geography morning work, Super 6 math resources, vocabulary, & proof-reading

Composition Notebooks - used for personal journals

Students take home their first homework assignment that night as well! Students will share these bags throughout the first week of school. I love this assignment so much as I really get to know my students through the objects they choose to bring to school


  1. sissy you're so creative. i wish you were my teacher when i was in school!

  2. Wow-you are so organized and creative! I need to do some serious work before our Open House!