Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Peacemakers & Peacebreakers

Today was a rainy day in Kansas. We are used to heat indexes in the 100s, so the rain was very welcome with the nice mid80s! And you know what rain means = indoor recess!

(view from my desk during indoor recess! lots of coloring and pretending!)
No, David!
Today, I read No, David to my students. They LOVE this book! We made connections to our own lives and when David's situations and naughty behaviors are similar to our own. Then, we moved onto thinking of how we can be Peacebreakers and Peacemakers in the classroom. Here are our ideas:

And we can't go into a lesson without a little bit of art/hands-on activities! This is my example of a Peacemaker David. My students are making their own. On each Davids' tshirt is the students finish the sentence "I am a peacemaker when I...". I really enjoyed reading their reasons!

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