Thursday, February 9, 2012

Link By Link: Cause & Effect

We are focusing on Cause & Effect this week. Discussing which comes first (the cause) and which happens second (the effect). Many of the students have examples from their own lives as well as things from their, often far-fetched, imagination. We read Don't Take Your Snake For A Stroll on Monday to find the causes and effects of wild animals in society. The illustrations in this book are hilarious! The students really got a kick out of it!

Our StoryTown story this week is Half-Chicken, about a chicken with one leg, one wing, and half the feathers of a normal chicken. He is very vain (robust vocabulary!) and goes to Mexico City to show off how special he is. Turns out, a chef wants to make him into chicken soup! He is saved with the help of Water, Fire, and Wind, whom he helped earlier in the story. To review this story, we created cause & effect links to retell the story.

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