Thursday, September 13, 2012

Popcorn Writing

We are working on writing nonfiction texts using descriptive words. We decided to have a little fun with our senses and do a writing about popping popcorn!

Each student had a four-square note taking page labeled "See, Hear, Smell, Feel, and Taste." We discussed how we were going to pay close attention to words that fit under each sense as we popped a bag of popcorn in the microwave. We took a trip down the hall to the nearest microwave and sat with our clipboards and notes page writing descriptive words for each sense. The students were so intent on watching the popcorn bag rise as it heated in the microwave- they kept asking for more and more popcorn events. And, of course, each student got a bit of popcorn to eat!

The rest of the week, we worked on taking our notes and turning them into descriptive nonfiction texts. We discussed that our papers need to be in time-order with the popcorn going into the microwave first and tasting it last. This writing process also provided a great time for students to learn our editing (red pen) and revising (blue pen) procedures. Final copies are being written on popcorn-themed paper!

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