Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Welcome to Our Insect Parade

The Insect Project is our first big project in 3rd grade. We work about 4 weeks on this project!

Each student chooses an insect to research. They must find information on the insect's description, habitat, daily life, life cycle, and other interesting facts. Students look up information in books and internet searches.

After finding the insects' life cycles (complete or incomplete metamorphosis), students made a flip book. The flip book illustrates either egg-nymph-adult or egg-larva-pupa-adult. My students worked really hard on these and I think they turned out great!

Two weeks of art were insect-themed as well. First, we made insect microscopes. Large microscopes are traced and students draw their insect close-up as if it were "under the lens". The students draw the details of their adult insect.

The second day of insect art is a cursive insect. The students fold a narrow piece of black paper in half. Starting at the folded half, students use white crayon to write their name in cursive. Students then, cut an outline around their names (keeping the fold!). After they are finished cutting, students unfold their names. This is now their insect body! They add six legs, two eyes, and two antennae. They love making their cursive insects personalized!


The students take this researched information and write a nonfiction essay about their insect. They include information about the insect's life cycle, description, habitat, and interesting facts about the insect. The students have become experts on their insect and are very proud of the work they have done!

The culmination of our Insect Project is our INSECT PARADE! The students put together a display of all their research and art on their desks. Each class moves around to the other classrooms to see each others' hard work!

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