Friday, April 13, 2012

Name Art

For Art today, we mixed in a little Math. The students created name art with their first names, then found the fractions of the colors they used.

We practiced writing in block letters to take the curves out of our first names. The students were given 10x10 grids in which to write each letter. After they had planned out each letter in pencil, we added a little color! The students colored in their letters block by block. They chose one color for their letters and one color for the background.

We cut out the letters and mounted them. Then the students counted the squares of each color and labeled the fractions. Because it is a 10x10 grid, the denominator for each fractions is 100, making the subtractions a bit easier :)

Teacher Version:


  1. Very good idea ! A good way to make easy this learning in primary school :)

  2. Did you put the 100 grids together or did you give every student the correct number of grids needed?

  3. Can't wait to try this out! Thanks:)