Friday, April 27, 2012


Today was WORM DAY!
Time to get a little gross again in class! Today, we got out the worms. Each student got one worm to study. They were to name their worm, observe it, measure it, and draw a picture of it. At first, the students were a bit grossed out by the slimey little worms, but once they hung out for a little while, the worms & kids were great friends!

We learned LOTS of great facts:
-Worms don't have lungs, they breathe through their skin (like fish through gills)
-No legs (obviously) and no eyes either! Worms sense light and dark through special cells on their bodies
-There are about 5,000 species of worms in the world
-Although most worms are about 6 inches long, one species in Australia can grow up to 12 feet!
-Earthworms help us by eating decomposing things (leaves, sticks, dead insects); This helps make rich soil for our plants!

We did two experiments with our worm friends:
Do worms prefer white or black paper?

Do worms prefer dry or wet paper towels?

We finished the day with a worm race! First on out of the circle wins!!

Before we left for the day, we gave our worms a new home in our school garden.

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