Friday, April 13, 2012

If I Were The Teacher, I Would

This week, students worked on a writing piece titled: "If I Were The Teacher, I Would..."

There are some of their ideas:
-I would have recess last for as long as they want. I would let the kids play more on the laptops. I would teach them math and subtraction. And they can watch shows at noon every day.
-I would be an art teacher because it's fun! But not just any art teacher, I would teach in college because I would like to teach different kinds of art like Picasso. I love art. Art is a way to oexpress your feelings.
-I would be a 4th grade science teachers. I would do a lot of insect science. They would be able to care for themselves in 4th grade.
-I would teach 3rd grade and do art because I love art. And sometimes take brakes and have fun in the brakes. I will be a good teacher. They won't have a lot of homework.
- I would teach preschool because they go to sleep in class. They also go home really early. They are funny little kids. I love little kids because they are cute!
-I would teach 2nd grade. I would teach science. Because it would be a lot of fun because I would be a very good teacher. I would let the kids play on the laptops more. They would be creative and let them draw whatever they want.
-I would teach middle school math because I like math. I would play Witch Doctor (a math game we play in 3rd grade!). My rules will be No Talking and No Eating unless I say. I would give them a lot of homework.
-I would teach kindergarden because it would be fun to play with them. I wouold make sure that I had the ABCs in my classroom and everything else that they need to know. I would play Duck, Duck, Goose with them and Simon Says.
-I wouuld teach high school because I would want to play basketball with them. I would do that because I like sports. I would do that instead of little kids because they're not that athletic.
-I would teach 7th grade. I would teach about skateboards. The reason I want 7th grade is they are older and know more.

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