Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Effort Field Trip

Today, we headed to Arrowhead to celebrate the awesome effort of our grade level!

We headed to their Science Sports Lab to check out their bioscience showcases!

Students played with a larger-than-life intestinal system of clear tubes and red balls as the "food" to go into the system. There was also a really cool elliptical machine hooked up to another elliptical machine with a skeleton on it. As the students worked on the machine, they could watch the skeleton move and see how bones move as we exercise!

Students were also able to create healthy meals and do a little cheering for the Chiefs!

We saw the Super Bowl trophy on our tour as well as getting thisclose to the field, but could go running it. It was awesome to have an inside look at the stadium!

Lamar Hunt, Jr. spoke to our group and we got to see the statue of his father, Lamar Hunt, Sr. Lamar Hunt, Sr. has done many, many wonderful things for the sport of football!

Lastly, this is the play the won the Chiefs the Super Bowl in 1965!

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