Monday, April 9, 2012

Fraction Fun

Today we have some Fishy Fraction Fun!
Students have fish cut outs and color them red, yellow, orange, green, and purple. They need six of each fish.
Then the students create fractions on their fish bowls. The following are fraction situations given to the students:
-Place four fish in the bowl. One-half of the fish should be purple and one-half of the fish should be red.
-Place three red fish and one green fish in the bowl. What fraction represents the green fish?
-Place two orange fish in the bowl, one-half of them below the house and one-half above the house.
-Place six fish in the bowl. Put two-sixth of the fish in the house and the rest floating in the water. What fraction describes the fish floating in the water?
-Place three fish in the bowl- one in the house and two in the plants. What fraction of the fish are in the plants?

The students were then asked to make their own fractions for me to check. After they created four original fractions with their fish, they received a wonderful treat GOLDFISH CRACKERS!

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