Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Make Your Own QR!

I made a QR link for my Welcome to Third Grade brochure! These are sent to each of my students before school has started. Our school posts the class lists about a week before the first day of school. As soon as the lists are posted, teachers send our letters/postcards/brochures about themselves and the students' new grade level.

I thought I'd bump it up a notch and at a QR code!

I haven't ever made a QR before, so what does someone do when they need to know something?! I Googled it ;) I found a 4-Step How-To and followed it easily! I chose to use Microsoft Tag to make my QR code. It was so fast and easy to do. I linked it to my blog's parent page. I plan to include a QR code in my monthly newsletters giving teachers some resources to use at home as we cover a variety of subjects.

Have you used QR codes in your classroom or to provide information to parents? Any tips or tricks to pass along?


  1. I made a QR code and added it to my Parent Night brochure and my welcome to room 102 poster.

    I recently heard about having the kids podcast about their projects and posting the QR codes with their projects. I may try it this year.

    Inside this Book

  2. Saw this idea on Pinterest and LOVED IT!
    I'm new to blogging and am glad I found yours! Check mine out :)

    2nd Grade Teacher
    The Sweetest Thing