Saturday, July 14, 2012

Up All Night, Then Woke Up to an AWESOME Email!

Good morning blogging world! I understand to most of you it is the afternoon, but I have just woken up! Last night and into this morning, I participated in our town's Relay For Life event. I am team captain of our school's Relay team. We do many events throughout the school year to raise money to fight cancer and find a cure. Some of the events we do are Penny Wars, Dress Up Days (for students), Dress Down Days (for staff), bake sales, and selling items at our school store. Our team raised about $2,000 this year! So I just woke up after walking all night (10+ miles!) and going to bed about 6:30am.

Once I did wake up and get my email checked, I became ELATED! Back in early June, I went to a workshop called Math, Money, & Make-Believe at the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank. At the workshop, we were given TONS of free resources and many websites to find resources for teaching elementary students about economics and the use of money. As the workshop was wrapped, the instructors told us that they are working to develop their website Classroom CLUEs which has many children's literature books with tie-ins to instruction. They were asking us to add teaching tips to books we have used in the classroom. Our incentive, of course it was an economics workshop, was that for each teacher tip we entered our name would be placed in a drawing for a FREE iPad! And guess what?! I won!! This is the fabulous email:

WOW!! I never win anything, so this is something HUGE to win! I can't wait to get some school apps on that baby and share it with my students!

Have a great Saturday!

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